Breyer Horses Samhain - 2019 Halloween Horse: MUST BE ORDERED BY ITSELF

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2.75 LBS

Expected release date is 9th Sep 2019



THIS HORSE MUST BE ORDERED BY ITSELF. DO NOT COMBINE IT WITH ANY OTHER MERCHANDISE. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. Samhain -2019 Halloween Horse • Nothing says Halloween quite like the sights and sounds of an autumn farm after dark! Amidst the black fencing on Samhain’s sides are cornstalks, pumpkins, eerie ghosts, and the rising moon. When the lights go out,  Samhain won’t leave you in the dark: the green areas of her coat glow! • Samhain’s name is a nod to Halloween’s Gaelic roots. Celebrated from October 31 to November 1st, Samhain marked the end of the fall harvest season and the beginning of winter – the darkest time of the year. Some believed that the line between this world and otherworld was thinnest during this time, which allowed spirits to cross and mingle with the living. 

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