Breyer Horses Jewels SOLD OUT - PRIME Pricing plus FREE Shipping. LIMITED TO ONE PER CUSTOMER. MUST SHIP BY ITSELF. Limited Quantity.

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SOLD OUT.  Limited quantity available. DO NOT ORDER WITH ANY OTHER MERCHANDISE. ONE PER CUSTOMER. WILL SHIP BY ITSELF. A rainbow is always a special sight to behold, but when it appears on a fiery rearing horse, it becomes something truly spectacular! This impressive stallion's coat is decorated with rich jewel-toned hues that together make up an exquisite rainbow. From the tip of his ruby ears to the violet ends of his tail, he;s a sspendid masterpiece to behold. Lkie the jewels that inspired his coloring and name, his metallic coat has a beautiful shiny luster.

The iconic Fighting Stallion was sculpted by artist Chris Hess, and was introduced to the Breyer lineup in 1961, Over the years the Fighting Stallion has donned numerous realistic patterns as well as a few decorator colors, but this is the first time appearing with a rainbow coat.

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