Breyer Horses Old Glory Spring Decorator Model; First Allocation - Very Limited In-Stock Immediate: Shipment - One Per Order - Must Ship by Itself -PRIME PRICING Plus Free Shipping

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This is for the First Allocation - Very Limited. One Per Order. MUST ship by itself. In Stock - Ships Immediately. Old Glory is a stunning decorator model that pays homage to the American flag. Cast in clearware, Old Glory is bursting with patriotic color. His body is painted with metallic silver stripes and stars that ripple across his elegant body like a flag. One of the most powerful symbols of the United States, the American flag has had several designs over the nation’s lifetime, but its distinctive colors and elements have remained the same. The American flag we know today is made up of 13 red and white stripes to represent the 13 original colonies. A blue rectangle holds 50 white stars which represent each state of union. 

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