Traditional Series - 1/9th Scale

Traditional Series - 1/9th Scale

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  • Breyer Horses Austin

    This fully articulated cowpuncher is ready to rodeo! Smartly dressed in jeans with black chaps, black cowboy hat, boots and yellow shirt.
  • Breyer Horses Back Country Camping Set

    MSRP: $24.99
    Set includes colorful, domed canvas tent with roll-up door and screened roll-up windows, a coordinating sleeping bag and a blanket for your horse! (Horse and rider not included)
  • Breyer Horses Bandera - Symbols of the West

    American Quarter Horse Ranch Horse. Bandera's glowing metallic coat is covered with a beautiful array of ranch brands and symbols, in homage to the heritage of the working Quarter Horse.
  • Breyer Horses Brookside Pink Magnum Welsh

    MSRP: $24.99
    Brookside Pink Magnum, a striking red roan Section B Welsh Pony stallion, exudes his breed's type standards with hi dished face, bold eye, tiny ears, and beautiful movement. A testament to the wonderful temperament of the breed, Magnum loves giving...
  • Breyer Horses Carltonlima Emma

    Carltonelima Emma is he trusted mount of HRH Queeen Elizabeth II, the patron of the Fell Pony Society and supporter of all things equestrian. The Fell Pony is one of Britain's most loved native breeds. It is asssociated with the North of England where...
  • Breyer Horses Colorful Blanket Asst (4 pc set)

    MSRP: $43.99
    This blanket assortment features fun patterns like flowers, stripes and dots all with a sparkly trim. Colours and patterns may vary from those shown. Assortment includes 4 pieces, 1 of each style.
  • Breyer Horses Deluxe Tack Box

    Breyer's traditional scale tack box updated with a gorgeous stained wood finish. Features a removable tray and brass-like hardware.
  • Breyer Horses Dressage Bridle

    For Traditonal-Sized Models Item: 02460 This black Dressage Bridle is accented with white on the noseband and browband. Horse not included. Color : Black
  • Breyer Horses Dressage Rider

    Re-Release, Megan wears traditional dressage show attire with shadbelly black coat, featuring the US Equestrian Team Crest, boots and white breeches. Full articulated action figure - even wrists and ankles move. She really rides!
  • Breyer Horses English Hunter Jumper Bridle

    For Traditional-Sized Models Item: 02458 Fully adjustable, this English Hunter Jumper bridle is also a "snaffle" bridle. Horse not included. Color : Chestnut
  • Breyer Horses English Riding Set - Hot Colors 1

    .Fun colours make this set stand out. Saddle, bridle, saddle pad, polo wraps, bell boots and splint boots come in the beautiful combination of pink and purple.Horse, saddle and bridle are sold separately.
  • Breyer Horses Fantasia Del C and Gozosa

    Also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or Andalusian, the Pura Raza Espanol (or PRE) horse hails from the Iberian Peninsula. With roots going back as far as the 15th century, these elegant and athletic horses are known for excelling at dressage. Owned by...
  • Breyer Horses Gypsy Vanner

    MSRP: $49.99
    Color, personality, and lots of hair! These are just a few things about the beautiful Gypsy Vanner breed that will capture your attention. The Gypsy Vanner originated in the United Kingdom. Created by the Gypsies, these horses were not only bred to be...
  • Breyer Horses Hwin

    In 2012, eventing competitor and trainer Elisa Wallace entered a Mustang Makeover competition on a whim at the encouragement of a friend. Elisa won the competition and purchased her mustang, and she was hooked. In January 2015 she participated inthe...
  • Breyer Horses King

    King • King is a 2001 American Paint  Horse owned by the Trixie Chicks. • A favorite of performers and students, he is the go-to lesson mount! • When your job involves doing incredible feats on -- and around  & under! -- a...
  • Breyer Horses Lil' Ricky Rocker Appaloosa Champion

    MSRP: $44.99
    Appaloosas are noted for their unique spotted coats and Lil' RickyRocker doesn't disappoint! The flashy 1992 leopard Appaloosa geldingmade his show debut at age 3, but then colicked and was given littlechance of survival. Not only did Ricky pull through,...
  • Breyer Horses LV Integrity

    LV Integrity • An Arabian gelding, LV Integrity+/ entered his first endurance competition as a six-year old and is still competing today at age 25! • Better known as “Ritz,” he was named a Perfect Ten Equine  by the American...
  • Breyer Horses Paint Me A Pepto

    MSRP: $46.99
    Champion Cutting horse Mare. 2006 Tobiano daughter of legendary cutting horse Peptoboonsmal with lifetime earnings of nearly $60,000 and an impressive collection of championships and finalist placings, plus National Cutting Horse Ass. (NCHA) certificate...
  • Breyer Horses PVF Peace of Mind - Morgan Driving Champion

    Combined Driving Champion Horses that compete in Combined Driving events are the tri-athletes of the carriage driving world. Their competitions have three phases: dressage, cross-country marathon, and cone driving. Each phase tests the horse and...
  • Breyer Horses Rambo Blanket

    Rambo horsewear Ireland is renowned worldwide for quality and innovation. Their Rambo turnout blanket sets the standard against which others are measured.
  • Breyer Horses Rocky

    Best Friends Collection. Sweet Pea is a beautiful chestnut appaloosa..
  • Breyer Horses Secretariat

    MSRP: $44.99
    Ask anyone to name the world's most famous horse and the answer will most likely be Secretariat. His true story is still the stuff of legend. His astonishing 31 length victory in the Belmont Stakes, accomplished after winning the first two racing jewels...
  • Breyer Horses Show Jumper Brenda

    She really rides! Brenda is easy to pose and fully articulated - even her wrists and ankles move. Features realistic hair and expression and authentic attire.
  • Breyer Horses Show Jumping Oxer

    Item: 02014 A set of fences together placed several feet apart give width to encourage a greater jumping effort from the horse. This set is beautifully painted in colorful red and white. Color : Red and White
  • Breyer Horses Stable Cleaning Kit

    Item: 02477 Even the barn help needs the right tools. Broom, shovel, pitch fork, muck bucket and wheelbarrow will help keep a barn tidy. If it's already too clean, some imitation manure comes with this set.
  • Breyer Horses Stable Feed Set

    Keep your Breyer horses well-fed! Finely-detailed set includes an aluminum water trough, hay bale and hay net, feed bucket, feed bag, bag of feed and feed scoop. (Horse not included.)
  • Breyer Horses Unicorn Xavier

    The legend of the mystical unicorn is one  that has been with us since antiquity.  Tales of the majestic horse with a magical  horn have captivated the imaginations and  hearts of people the world over. It is said that beholding a...