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  • Breyer Horses Back Country Camping Set

    MSRP: $24.99
    Set includes colorful, domed canvas tent with roll-up door and screened roll-up windows, a coordinating sleeping bag and a blanket for your horse! (Horse and rider not included)
  • Breyer Horses Brush Box Jump

    A charming pink and white jump with 2 standards, 3 brush boxes and 2 adjustable poles. (Brush and flowers not included).
  • Breyer Horses Colorful Blanket Asst (4 pc set)

    MSRP: $43.99
    This blanket assortment features fun patterns like flowers, stripes and dots all with a sparkly trim. Colours and patterns may vary from those shown. Assortment includes 4 pieces, 1 of each style.
  • Breyer Horses English Hunter Jumper Bridle

    For Traditional-Sized Models Item: 02458 Fully adjustable, this English Hunter Jumper bridle is also a "snaffle" bridle. Horse not included. Color : Chestnut
  • Breyer Horses English Riding Set - Hot Colors 1

    .Fun colours make this set stand out. Saddle, bridle, saddle pad, polo wraps, bell boots and splint boots come in the beautiful combination of pink and purple.Horse, saddle and bridle are sold separately.
  • Breyer Horses English Show Bridle

    This English Show Bridle has a beautifully decorated browband and double reins. Horse not included. Color : Dark Brown
  • Breyer Horses Rambo Blanket

    Rambo horsewear Ireland is renowned worldwide for quality and innovation. Their Rambo turnout blanket sets the standard against which others are measured.
  • Breyer Horses Stable Cleaning Kit

    Item: 02477 Even the barn help needs the right tools. Broom, shovel, pitch fork, muck bucket and wheelbarrow will help keep a barn tidy. If it's already too clean, some imitation manure comes with this set.
  • Breyer Horses Stable Feed Set

    Keep your Breyer horses well-fed! Finely-detailed set includes an aluminum water trough, hay bale and hay net, feed bucket, feed bag, bag of feed and feed scoop. (Horse not included.)
  • Breyer Horses Western Riding Set in Hot Colors

    Western Riding Set in Hot Colors. This colorful set stands out from the rest! The saddle, bridle, splint boots, bell boots and saddle pad come in red and royal blue.
  • Breyer Horses Western Stock Show Halter

    New for 2004! Item: 2490 Dark brown leather show halter with silver-tone engraved plates and buckles. Includes leather lead with chain and working clasp. Horse not included. Model Size : Traditional
  • Breyer Horses Wood Saddle Stand

    For Traditional-Sized Tack Item: 00281 Made of natural wood, Breyer's saddle stand is the perfect place to store and clean your saddle.