• Breyer Horses 2014 Ella Color Change Surprise

    MSRP: $19.99
    • When Ella goes in the water, all her purplemarkings, mane, and tail changecolor! As she dries, theychange back again.• Includes: color changepinto pony, terryclothrobe, atomizer...
  • Breyer Horses 2019 Cloud's Legacy

    Cloud’s Legend Mustang Gift Set: 1:12 scale • Cloud, a palomino mustang stallion roaming free in Montana’s Pryor Mountains,  had his life documented from birth by Emmy-winning...
  • Breyer Horses 2019 Grooming Kit

    Grooming Kit Everything you need to groom a horse! Includes: grooming tote, hoof pick, hoof oil container, dandy brush, face brush, sweat scraper, electric clipper, curry comb, and spray bottle...
  • Breyer Horses 2019 Holiday Carousel Ornament - Plume

    Carousel horses are known for their adornment and beauty, and Plume is no exception! Her bright peacock-themed decorations of swirls, feathers, and beads are brilliantly highlighted against her...
  • Breyer Horses 2019 Holiday Horse Minstrel

    Every proper masquerade ball has an excellent band, and Minstrel is here to keep the guests dancing all night long! His silver bay coat is adorned with ornate masquerade attire. From his mysterious...