• Breyer Horses Classics Cupcake

    Cupcake What’s as sweet as your favorite dessert, but won’t give you a toothache? Our delicious decorator model, Cupcake! Fresh from the Breyer bakery, Cupcake’s coat is the color...
  • Breyer Horses Classics Cutting Horse and Calf

    MSRP: $34.99
    Perfect for the horse crazy girl, nothing is a greater introduction to the wonderful world of horse play than Breyer Classics model horses and accessories! With our model horse collection you can...
  • Breyer Horses Classics English Horse and Rider

    This lovely English rider is casually dressed for a lesson on her beautiful bay roan horse!  Hand-painted! Includes: 6" fully articulated rider, horse, saddle pad, English saddle and bridle.
  • Breyer Horses Classics Heroes of the West

    MSRP: $49.99
    Includes two horses; a grey saddled with Western Saddle and bridle plus an untacked grulla and a cute black foal, plus corral fencing, water barrel and bucket.
  • Breyer Horses Classics Horse Corral

    The Classics Fencing set contains 10 sections or 7" long brown fencing that can be put together to create an enclosure 22" in diameter, perfect for holding a herd of Classics horses. FENCING ONLY...
  • Breyer Horses Classics Kaitlyn Cowgirl

    This lovely 6" articulated Western rider comes dressed to show in a flashy pink show shirt, tan chaps and pants, and tan hat with pink band! Western saddle and bridle and pink saddle pad. HORSE NOT...
  • Breyer Horses Classics Mighty Muscle - Draft Horse

    Native to Belgium, the massive-bodied Brabant Horse is built for power. The breed is best known for its strength and docile temperament, which makes them fantastic partners for farms, logging...