• Breyer Horses Cascade and Caspian

    Cascade and Caspian Unicorn Mare and Foal Set • This sea-inspired mare and foal set will sweep your customers off their feet. • Mare Cascade has a metallic pearly blue coat, like the sea at...
  • Breyer Horses Classics Running Wild

    Running Wild Mustangs are feral horses that are found in the American west. They descended from horses brought to the Americas in the 16th century by Spanish explorers. Today they’re protected...
  • Breyer Horses Buckeye - Dressage Mule

     Buckeye – Dressage Mule • When you think of a mule, does an image of a stubborn pack animal come to mind?  Well, Buckeye is here to show the world otherwise! A flashy 2008...
  • Breyer Horses Glitter Unicorn Gift Collection Set

    Authentically sculpted, these translucent and sparkly Stablemates unicorns come in fun fantasy colors, with glittery manes and tails. Just add your imagination and have fun! 
  • Breyer Horses GTR Patricks Vindicator

    GTR Patricks Vindicator • What GTR Patricks Vindicator lacks in stature he makes up for in personality! This 1994 American Miniature Horse gelding is owned, trained, and exhibited by Sarah...
  • Breyer Horses Voyeur - Champion Show Jumper

    Champion Show  Jumper Voyeur • One of the fastest pairs in the world of show jumping is Kent Farrington and the Dutch Warmblood gelding, Voyeur! • At the World Equestrian Games in...
  • Breyer Horses 2009 Holiday Heart Photo Frame Ornament

    Two tender snow white ponies create the heart shape for this fine porcelain photo frame ornament. Just add a picture of your beloved horse or pet. Contains a clear plastic sleeve for photograph.
  • Breyer Horses 2009 Holiday Music Box Winter Enchantment

    7th in a collectible series. Evoking memories of Christmases past, this cahrming winter scene depicts classic wintry pastimes including a prancing horse and sleigh, skating and sledding. On top of...