Breyer Horses Holiday Pajama Party Set

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Expected release date is 22nd Sep 2024



On a brisk winter evening, there’s nothing quite like thick, cozy pajamas and the company of your best friend. Christy, dressed in her warmest onesie and sturdy boots,
ventures out to the barn despite the cold wind and flurries. She can’t wait to share her big, fluy new teddy bear with her pony, Cinders!
Cinders is watching the snow fall from the window of his softly-bedded stall when Christy enters the barn. He’s snuggled in his new blanket, a special gift from his family
so he may match with his favorite little girl. Christy approaches the stall of the tobiano pinto pony with her teddy bear. Cinders, always curious and up for a bit of
mischief, gives the bear an aectionate poke with his muzzle - a new friend!
Christy puts a halter and lead on Cinders, then gently places her teddy bear on his back. As he walks forward in the barn aisle,
Cinders is careful to keep his plush rider well-balanced. After a successful “riding lesson,” Christy rewards her pony with
a peppermint and many pats. Their night of holiday fun has just begun!

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